If elected I will endeavour to represent my constituents by lobbying to: 

  1.  Restore morality and transparency and democracy back into government. Hold government leaders accountable by making them up for re-election at any time if voters are disgruntled and ensuring that they inform the public of their actions and spending more regularly.   
  2. Reinstate a strong, ethical, family-guided, education system that has our children’s best interests at heart and that best supports their learning.  Get back to teaching the core curriculum subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic and typical useful electives and leave parenting to parents.   
  3. Repeal the part of the legislation that takes parental rights away in the event that a child wants to undergo gender transition surgery. 
  4. Urgently improve the health care system by advocating for adequate funding and new policies for all areas of health and wellbeing.  This includes supporting natural health professions and medicines to relieve the pressure in our health system.   
  5. Maximise personal freedoms to protect free speech, the right to assembly, religion and belief and bodily autonomy. 
  6. Increase sovereignty and self-reliance of our region by ensuring our locally grown produce stays local for a good price to increase access to healthier, fresher, more affordable food and to serve our community first in place of cheap imports.   
  7. Give farmers back full Control of their land because they have it due to “In fee simple” and everything that is allocated to them by the Constitution.   
  8. Stop paper land titles from being transitioned to digital land titles to keep control with the owner.   
  9. Give the water back to the farmers which is theirs anyway.  No more charging for water.  In times of trouble there may be quotas but no charge for pumping.  
  10. Roads are part of our critical infrastructure and need to be kept in good condition.  Prioritise the repair of roads that badly need fixing.  Build better quality roads.  But also better manage floods to prevent further damage.  Build more dams to prevent floods from occurring and to increase natural habitat.   
  11. Improve transport options to the cities for optimal access to medical and business opportunities by supporting people to be able to travel via train or bus more directly, more affordably and easily.  Support the supply of a combined train service that allows for passengers and goods to be transported to help with local goods being sent to Melbourne. 
  12. Decrease the cost of living by subsidising fuel, energy, and minimising taxes to eventually, a low expenditure tax only.   
  13. Repeal the pandemic legislation to prevent government overreach in such situations and instead ensure that people are better educated about how to best look after their immune system and provide them with free basic nutritional and well-being needs if a health crisis occurs.   
  14. Reintroduce common sense into legislation.