Donation Requirements

If you want to help Sonia with a Donation you can do so with the details below

These donations are not allowed:

  • foreign donations (donations can only come from Australian citizens, residents or businesses)
  • anonymous donations of $1,080 or more
  • multiple donations from a single donor to a single recipient which, in total, exceed the general donation cap of $4,320 in the 4 years between state elections
  • donations to more than 6 third-party campaigners in the 4 years between state elections.

If you are going to donate more than $1,080 you will need to send your information, donation amount and Direct Deposit Receipt number to

Any donation under this amount can be done anonymously by bank-to-bank transfer (direct deposit)

Commonwealth Bank (Direct Deposit)

Sonia Brymer

BSB: 064062

Account number: 10214496